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Screen climate action

The impact of human-caused climate change is the greatest challenge of our time, and the screen sector has a dual role to play.  

As well decarbonising and introducing sustainable practices to meet national and international obligations, the screen sector can grow knowledge through its cultural reach.

Our role

Screen Auckland is a connector across three key areas:

  • Strategy – the big picture for Auckland and nationally
  • Tools – for actual implementation of strategy
  • Practical steps – the sector can take right now 
Screen Auckland - What we do - Screen Climate Action
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Screen Emissions Study

In 2022, Screen Auckland commissioned international consultancy Arup to research the baseline emissions of the screen sector in Aotearoa New Zealand. The resulting study suggests the shared vision: “the screen sector accepts the challenge to meet our responsibilities to Aotearoa New Zealand's regeneration as a low carbon, sustainable and inclusive nation, honouring a te ao Māori worldview.”

This work is of local, national and international importance. Sustainable production practices are increasingly a matter of international production attraction competitiveness but, regionally and nationally, we have commitments under agreements and legislation for a just transition towards a net zero economy.

It is vital for the screen sector as a whole to pick up the challenge, and support strategy/standards/implementation/change to address emissions reduction, sustainable and regenerative practices. 

The report also calls on the sector to pick up the challenge with six recommendations:  

  • Accept the challenge that has been laid down to take purposeful action on climate change
  • Identify partners to invest in the Aotearoa New Zealand screen sector’s infrastructure
  • Develop a systemic approach to data collection, modelling and monitoring
  • Reinstate the Stats NZ Screen Industry Survey
  • Integrate actions with Aotearoa New Zealand Screen Sector Strategy 2030
  • Develop a detailed carbon reduction roadmap and action plan
Read the report
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What’s being done

Screen Auckland is working with our own council partners and other organisations locally and nationally to ensure action is being taken. 

Auckland Council and Tātaki Auckland Unlimited 
  • Tātaki Auckland Unlimited carried out analysis on economic vulnerabilities, which include risks to the screen sector.
  • Climate change in Tāmaki Makaurau understanding risks opportunities different for Māori businesses: Climate change and economic recovery
  • Tātaki reports annually on its own emissions, as well as work undertaken to support sector transitions – the 2022 report Tātaki Auckland Unlimited Sustainability Story includes mention of Kua takoto te mānuka. 
  • Te Taruke a Tāwhiri: Auckland’s Climate Action Plan lead to creation of climate innovation hub Climate Connect Aotearoa, which Tātaki launched on behalf of Auckland Council in October 2022. The key goal of the hub is to solve climate challenges, by connecting organisations and individuals to develop, test and grow solutions needed to ensure Auckland and New Zealand reduce emissions in line with global agreements. The hub’s website, showcasing activity and contacts under 'Connect' and incorporating a constantly updated knowledge hub under 'Learn' is a fantastic resource to explore. 
Industry organisations 

Screen Auckland is working with Greenlit, New Zealand’s grassroots organisation dedicated to developing the strategy and tools required for implementing sustainability within the screen sector.

What you can do right now

Decide to take action, pledge to make a difference and share this point of view as you work.  

Some useful resources:

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